Why Choose High-End Granite Slabs: What Toronto Homeowners Should Know

If you’re looking to renovate your space, granite is an excellent material to give your kitchen or bathroom a much-needed facelift, all while enhancing the resale value of your home. Although granite is a natural stone found in quarries all over the globe—particularly in exotic areas like Brazil and Spain—you can find reputable distributors and suppliers of high-end granite slabs in Toronto.
Beyond the monetary benefits it gives to your property, granite slabs are a highly desired material for interested Toronto homebuyers because of granite’s many advantages and minimal disadvantages.
Many consider the price of solid granite slabs to be a disadvantage, as it tends to be more costly in comparison to other building materials. However, it is a small price to pay when you factor in granite’s long-lasting benefits.

The Pros of Using High-End Granite in Your Toronto Home

In addition to instantly increasing the value of your home, and therefore your ROI, there are many benefits to using solid granite slabs in your home. For example, granite is a natural stone that is:
  • Durable
  • Heat and burn proof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Low maintenance
In addition to its practical advantages, granite has a suite of aesthetic design benefits. For instance, granite has:
  • Several colour and pattern choices
  • A number of finishes
  • Many customizable choices for edge detailing

A Little More on Granite Finishes

The three popular finishes for granite slabs are honed, polished and satin. Depending on the use of your granite slabs, some finishes are better than others.
Honed finish is ideal for flooring. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or foyer, use granite slabs with a honed finish for flooring because it will reduce the slickness of the surface. A honed finish is matte, so it is not reflective or slippery.
Polished finish is a high gloss finish, so it is very reflective. Use a polished finish in areas of the home where you want to add instant elegance. As a result of its high gloss, polished finishes bring out the colours, patterns and flecks naturally found in granite. This finish also makes it quick and easy to wipe away any spills, making it good for countertops and other tabletop surfaces.
Satin finish is the happy medium between honed and polished finishes. The satin finish is not as glossy or reflective as the polished finish, yet it’s not as dull and matte as the honed finish. For the best of both worlds, use granite slabs with a satin finish.

A Little More on Granite’s Customizable Edges

The edges of your granite slabs can be cut to suit your style, needs and preference. Whether you have young children and are worried about sharp edges, or you’re flipping your home and want the most bang for your buck, there’s an edge to meet your needs.
The eased edge, also known as the pencil edge, is the most common edge detail for granite countertop and tabletop surfaces. It’s the edge detail that typically comes standard in newly-built home developments. It has a flat edge, but, because it has a 90-degree curvature, there are no pointy corners or sharp edges.
The bullnose edge has 3 choices:
  • Full bullnose edge—both the top edge and the bottom edge of the slab are rounded.
  • Half bullnose edge—the top edge is rounded and the lower edge is flat.
  • Demi bullnose edge—like a half bullnose edge, but the top edge is more oblong than rounded.
The waterfall edge is also called the triple edge, because it is made up of 3-tiered layers, with each layer protruding more outward than the one above it.
The ogee edge has two layers, where the top layer is a squared edged and the bottom layer is typically a full bullnose edge.
Whether for kitchen countertops, a bathroom vanity surface, shower walls or foyer floors, suppliers of high-end granite slabs in Toronto can help you decide what finish and edge will work best for you.